I have had contact with and benefited from so many people over the years that I cannot list them all here. For now this will just be a list of the current contacts.


As a strong introvert with a high level of motivation and a rigorous set of long term goals to keep me busy, I don't make friends easily.

On the whole I am closest to the members of my immediate family (shown in the portrait).

  • Hannah - CPA
  • Nathanael - CPA
  • Sarah - CPA
  • Zechariah - Developer
  • Julia - Copywriter
  • Joanna - deciding...
  • Ammi - in school
  • Caleb - in school

As a business owner, I am investing heavily into my core team (some of whom are immediate family) and I consider myself fortunate to call these people my friends.

  • Zechariah - developer
  • Julia - copywriter
  • Hannah - office manager
  • Lindsey - community admin
  • Matthew - developer

Of the few friends I made while growing up I don't currently have much contact. (if you should be on this list, please reach out :-)

  • John Caleb Orcutt
  • Ryan Short


The vast bulk of my mentors have been through books, however there are a few that I have interacted with in person - this list has the ones I spent the greatest amount of time with organized by time spent.

  • Jesus Christ
  • Cheryl Stover
  • Craig Stover
  • Doug Phillips
  • Melanie Nelson
  • Lauri Waddell
  • Artemis Limpert

And here are the ones I only know through their books with no particular organization yet.

  • Brian Tracy
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Ian Thomas
  • Robery Kiyosaki
  • James Logan
  • John Piper
  • many others not yet listed