I have an unusually broad selection of interests, however I still have the same amount of time each day as any other man.

Here I am listing the hobbies I still make time to maintain, mostly because they support various parts of my long term vision.

Library: As you can see in the picture to the left, I collect books in quantity. I skim through all new acquisitions, read many, and refer to parts of my collection daily.

As of April 2014 my collection consists of over 3,000 printed titles and a similar number of digital copies. I am pretty good about keeping my LibraryThing profile up to date with new titles, but am still working on getting the reviews entered. note that the wish-list is not accurate at this time

LibraryThing does not lend itself to listing courses, or videos. I am still looking for a good tool to organize those.

Music: I reached Grade 3 in studying classical Piano. At this time I am not pursuing this project due to lack of time and priority but I do hope to get back to it some day.

Art: I achieved a decent level of skill in graphite portraiture, however this project is also on hold at the moment.

Photography: I have studied digital photography off and on over the years attempting to achieve a basic practical skill. I am not too shabby but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Foreign Language: I have studied ancient Greek and Latin and enjoyed both, however my skill with both is quite rudimentary. I would like to work on Spanish (for practicality).